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Bold, bright, serious and very English.

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AWESOME. Hi Dave, My name's Charlie and I'm a founder and director of Dorset Roller Girls, Dorset's first and only Roller Derby league. I'm currently on a high because we played our first public game in Plymouth at the weekend and seeing all my girls proudly sporting the Dorset flag and doing our county proud was just about the best day of my life to date. I stumbled upon your website (awesome, by the way) while trying to find out the name of the guy who designed the flag and won the competition back in 2008. I love your photo gallery and would love to get Dorset Roller Girls in there if possible? Can I upload photos myself? To help you get to the bottom of what I'm sure is the strangest email you've had today (sorry!), please find attached a couple of photos of Dorset Roller Girls in our specially designed Dorset flag tops, proudly waving the biggest St Wite' s Cross we could find. Should you be interested in learning more about us, you can find us on facebook by searching for Dorset Roller Girls, or please do email me back. Otherwise, thank you for humoring me by reading my email, and thank you so much for our flag. Kind regards, Charlie Simonds
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